The Art of John Carter

The art book collects the concept art for the film which includes sketches, paintings, 3D renders and film stills. The paintings look wonderful, especially the environment paintings which are painted in detail. The character designs come in the form of sketches and 3D models. There are even 3D models of the muscle groups of the Tharks. The film stills and photos are nice when used sparingly, as in this case.
Most sketches, such as storyboards, are by Iain McCaig. Those are fantastic, I don’t mind this art book to be totally about his sketches. The other main concept artist is Ryan Church and his works are gorgeous. His environment paintings set the tone for the film. Even if you don’t buy this book, check out his website for his art. Unfortunately, most artists are just mentioned in the main text but the illustrations are not credited individually.
The text on movie production is interesting to read and starts with directory Andrew Stanton’s obsession of John Carter when he first read the book. I wish there were more commentary on the concept art though, especially on the discarded pieces that look quite promising as well.
It’s a good movie art book. Lots to read and see.

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